The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has initiated the “Shields Up” campaign to assist organizations in preparing for, responding to, and mitigating the impact of cyberattacks. The campaign provides recommendations, resources, and guidance to increase vigilance against cybersecurity threats and exploits targeting critical infrastructure. CISA emphasizes the importance for all organizations, regardless of size, to adopt a heightened posture for cybersecurity and protect their most critical assets.

The guidance includes specific actions for families, organizations, and corporate leaders to enhance online security, such as enabling multi-factor authentication, choosing strong passwords, and avoiding phishing scams. Additionally, CISA advises against paying ransoms in ransomware attacks, as it does not guarantee data decryption or that the system will not be compromised further.

CISA also offers a range of resources and tools to support cybersecurity efforts, including advisories on current threats, a ransomware response checklist, and a catalog of known exploited vulnerabilities. The agency stresses the importance of sharing information about cyber incidents to help mitigate threats to critical infrastructure.

Here is a link the campaign:

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