DUO as a way to protect Windows RDP

Like many of us, we need to support Windows servers when we are remote. Regardless of VM or physical servers, we aren’t sitting in front of a directly attached keyboard and monitor so we use RDP but security is a concern. That’s great but when you open up your server so you can log in, you also open it up to let anyone log in. That is certainly a BAD thing to do.

RDP is often the only way to manage Windows servers

I’ve put multi-factor authentication in place on everything I can think of so needed a solution for these web servers. Microsoft offers MFA but, from what I could find, only for Azure hosted servers. That didn’t help me much.

What I came up with was DUO. It’s an easy system to install and manage and protects RDP sessions, which is what I was looking for.

DUO by Cisco

Duo currently offers a free level of their service, which is helpful for those of you willing to test it out. I took advantage of this when testing my lab. Of course, if you have a large number of remote users, you will probably want to use their paid service but if you are a small shop, I found this to be a great solution. It also got a seal of approval from industry experts that I’ve worked with in the past and is their MFA solution.

Here is a link to the Duo page: Duo: Cisco’s Secure Access – Cisco

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